Tools of the Trade recently got a sneak peek at what's next from German tool manufacturer Festool at its new U.S. headquarters in Indiana, and we're allowed to share three tools with our readers.

The Kapex is the first miter saw from Festool in the United States, and the first variable speed model we've ever seen. It has a 10-inch blade, right and left miter and bevel action, and a cutting head that slides on fixed arms. Festool says that the design of this saw gives it nearly the capacity of a 12-inch slider at a weight of only 47 pounds. Look for a test of this saw in our July/August 2008 issue.

Also new is the MFK700 trim router, which has vertical and horizontal bases. The horizontal base features an adjustable bearing guide and holds the bit at a slight angle, which allows for flush-trimming edge banding with no chance of marring the top surface.

The last item is so new, it's not even out in Germany yet: Festool's biggest router ever, the OF2200. This powerful plunge router is uniquely styled to be held at an angle comfortable to the user, and features a quick motor brake.

Like other Festool products, these newest feature electronically controlled motors, integrated dust collection ports, and very fine (but metric) calibrated adjustments.

Look for photos of these new tools in my blog at

–Michael Springer is senior editor of Tools of the Trade.

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