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If you thought your iPhone was useful on the job before, wait till you outfit it with this great gadget. Unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the Flir One add-on for iPhone 5 and 5s fits on the phone like a protective case and converts it to a personal thermal imaging device. At just $349, Flir One is an attractive tool for contractors that can't justify an expensive thermal imaging camera.

"For decades, we've seen the possibilities of thermal imaging redefine industries that require critical awareness and heightened perception," says Andy Teich, president and CEO of Flir. "With Flir One, we're excited to extend this technology to everyday users."

Capitalizing on Flir's expertise in thermal imaging, the camera lets users observe slight differences in temperature in buildings that may indicate heat loss, and can also help locate ceiling joists, wall studs, and leaking pipes; differentiate between hot and cold pipes; and spot overloaded circuits, letting contractors and their clients make appropriate adjustments. Take photos and videos of the camera's findings for impressive presentations to your clients. The device also houses its own battery source that provides power for two hours of continuous, and can boost iPhone 5 and 5s battery life by up to 50%.

When you're off the job, take advantage of Flir One's abilities for security and outdoor recreation. Observe wildlife day or night, more easily navigate campsites in the dark, and double-check that the campfire is fully extinguished. The device can also detect intruders in the dark, or help users find their way in a power outage. Flir | flirone.com

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