Blåkläder doesn’t sell shirts or anything made from flannel in the U.S., but they do in Europe. I saw this fleece lined shirt/jacket at the World of Concrete and was told the company is thinking about bringing it here (video below).

It’s a bit of a departure for Blåkläder, which except for its hi-vis clothing, has stuck with muted colors like black, grey, and tan. The material and styling are different too. This is the first flannel I’ve seen from the company and it has straight-forward “American” styling—standard pockets in the usual places.

They call it a shirt but the 3225 is really outerwear. It has hand warming pockets on the sides and is intended to be worn untucked like a jacket. What I like most about the shirt are the snaps—which are quick and easy to fasten and unfasten and won’t fall off like buttons.

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