Ever had a rigger’s bag?

I love my old canvas rigger's bag more than some people.

Historically, rigger’s bags have been the centuries-old tote of choice for sailors bringing their tools to sea—at least, according to the catalog I bought my first one from.

True or not, I’ve bought several more since—and not because they wore out either, but because they’re the best hand-tool storage I’ve found yet. And by far.

There’s been a rigger's bag (check out this tool tote for drywall stuff) of my basic hand tools in my truck for a long time. It's not waterproof and there’s no lid, and I know where everything is, from tape to recip saw blades to screwdriver to dikes and more.

Sadly, the cotton type I have doesn’t seem to exist anymore. What does is a close facsimile from Duluth Trading Company. And for $40, you too can walk the plank with your tools so sweetly and vertically stored in this denier nylon bag’s 24 compartments.

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