Truewerk T-2 Workpant

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Why it made the list: These pants are as comfortable as - if not more comfortable than - any well-worn denim or canvas work pant. They stretch, resist stains, are durable, have a sleek and professional look, and repel water.

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In his article “Honor Your Craft” (republished on our site from ThisIsCarpentry), carpenter and JLC contributor Gary Katz argues for the importance of making a good first impression with clients. Among Katz’ list is the importance of appearance. When it comes to appearance, pants are paramount. And while there are a number of good options that are available that transcend the common riveted canvas-style pant, Truekwerk’s T-2 have proved a viable option for both professional and clean appearance, and also for work-related features.

The pants feature a four-way stretch fabric that is immediately comfortable (meaning, it doesn’t take days or weeks to break in). Water-repellent (though not waterproof) technology means that they don’t soak with water at the first splash from the sky, a puddle, or water line. It’s composed of a single layer that the company says is ideal for three seasons, but not the hottest or coldest days. After wearing them consistently for about six months, I can confirm that they’re incredibly comfortable and lightweight – and the Wolf Grey coating seems to reflect the sun because the pants don’t heat up in direct sunlight. They seem to repel stains – some of the toughest come out after several washes; dried drywall mud comes out in a single wash. The gusseted crotch makes them easy to work in, and there are seven pockets for knife, pens, and the like. There are built-in suspender loops, as well, for added support so you can forego a belt if you so choose. At $109, they aren’t inexpensive but from what I’ve experienced and from other users' reviews, they are built to last. I found them to be very durable and so far, compared to even well-worn denim or canvas, the most comfortable work pant I've ever worn. Fit runs true.

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