Porcellato Engineering is a Canadian company that specializes in the customization of Club Cars, the type of vehicle most of us think of as golf carts. But not every Club Car gets to spend its days on the links; some have to earn their keep hauling workers and material in industrial settings. That would be an apt description of the car below, which was built by Porcellato Engineering for use in its own fabrication shop. Instead of hauling vehicles to various work stations, the work station goes to the vehicles.

Based itself on a 48-volt Club Car, the work station has a work surface, tool storage, compressed air, and a small crane-like lift. It weighs 3,800 pounds with tools and for safety’s sake is set to run no faster than 9 mph (vs 800 pounds and 20 mph for the average electric golf cart). According to Brad Porcellato, it took approximately $6,000 of material and 650 hours of labor to fabricate the work station, which is the first thing anyone wants to see when they visit the company’s shop.