If you built a portable bench based on a Ron Paulk design, and it is not his most recent, then the bench you built could have been better. There is nothing wrong with Paulk’s earlier designs; they are all quite excellent. But they are not the Paulk Total Station, which takes the best features of several designs and puts them into a single portable bench that includes a work surface, trim storage, and places for a miter saw, table saw, and router.

Light and easy to transport, the bench consists of a top, two trestles, two outfeed extensions, and two extension supports. The top is constructed as a hollow box beam, with openings cut through the side to reduce weight and allow small tools and supplies to be temporarily stored inside. There are holes through the top for use with hold-down clamps.

If the design has a shortcoming, it's that the miter saw has to be removed from the bench when ripping 4x8 sheets on the table saw. It's not a terrible thing and probably not a problem for Paulk, who likely rips sheet goods with a track saw.

Paulk sells the plans for his designs online. Plans for this bench go for $20 or $30, depending on options. For more on Paulk and his inventions see Olympic Caliber Mobile Woodshop, The Ultimate Workbench 2.0, and Home-Made Vacuum Manifold.