Photo by Ron Paulk
Ron Paulk Photo by Ron Paulk

Ron Paulk recently completed his second tool trailer—at least the second one there is video of. In between the first and second he had a shop in a box truck that was for more than just storage; he actually went inside to work. But after developing an incredibly handy portable work station he found he was no longer working in the truck, so he sold it and built a new trailer. Paulk refers to the trailer as the Portable Woodshop but as he says in the video below, it might have been more accurate to call it a mobile tool room.

Whatever you call it, it’s an incredible setup. Inside the trailer are shelves, drawers, cubbies, and pullouts—containing every tool and small supply a builder might need. It’s wired for lights and receptacles and piped for compressed air, with a compressor permanently located inside. The only thing “missing” is staging and long extension ladders—and it would be unreasonable to think those would fit in a trailer alongside a full complement of tools.

You can see the Portable Woodshop in the video below. Check it out; it’s pretty amazing.

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Paulk sells detailed plans for many of the portable work benches and stands he’s designed; you can find them at The Paulk Homes Store.