I’m not sure yet what to make of the Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll for carpentry and home-improvement sites. On the one hand, riggers bags like this and like this make perfect sense to me and this tool roll sort of falls into the category of tough, flexible, customizable tool storage and transport.

But the closer I look at it, I’m not sure what I’d put in there. I like to store my stuff by “category” whenever possible and not only do I not have enough wrenches to put in this thing, I’ve never owned enough wrenches—combined—to put in this thing.

Despite my confusion, the reviewers out there on the internet seem to be more automotive/off-roader types that need to fix a Jeep in the dirt rather than keep chisels and planes sharp or manage a bunch of little hand tools.

At the same time, I can see this making sense for a smattering of plumbing stuff—the satchels that zip up might be great for fittings, brushes, flux, solder, and sandpaper.


Or screws. While boxes like the Packout are great, people have been carrying fasteners in those parachute bags for a long time. This looks like it might carry so many you’d need a hand truck to carry it.

It also looks plenty tough and, like a lot of other Atlas 46 gear, it doesn’t go light on breaking the rules of conventional jobsite design. I might not use it—when a bag costs as much as a circular saw I get a rash and this is about $125—but you might and it’s my job to show you things.