Brian Way is a contractor in Connecticut who after years of making and installing cabinets and millwork decided to stop building those items and only do installs. That allowed him to stop renting shop space and move his remaining tools into a garage he already owned. But with nearly all of his work now happening on site, he needed something more than a van or pickup; he needed a shop on wheels. Way’s shop is built into the back of a box truck and contains all the tools and supplies a carpenter might need to install or alter cabinets and millwork—with space left over to carry a moderate amount of material. The truck holds less material than it did before it was outfitted as a shop; but really, on the projects Way does the material is usually delivered.

This is the first in a series of six videos about the shop on wheels that were shot at JLC LIVE in March. You can see the others that have been posted by clicking the links below. Additional episodes will be posted in the coming weeks.

Part 2: Incredible Shop on Wheels: Tool Storage
Part 3: Incredible Shop on Wheels: Taking the Show on the Road
Part 4: Shop on Wheels: Creature Comforts
Part 5: Incredible Shop on Wheels: Hidden Details

Check it out. This is the first of six videos shot in and around Way’s shop on wheels at the JLC LIVE tradeshow in March. We’ll post more installments in the coming weeks.