These Centipede workstations sure have legs. Doing away with bulky sawhorses that are a pain to set up, Centipede has redesigned the trusty jobsite platform into units that expand and collapse in seconds for easy setup and transport to, from, and around the jobsite. When work is done, collapse the frame and store the Centipede in a compact bag included with the kit.

Two models are available to accommodate users' needs. The smaller K100 Sawhorse has a 1,500-pound capacity over a frame that sets up to accommodate a 2-by-4-foot tabletop. The larger K200 Support XL model doubles the capacity to up to 3,000 pounds over a 4-by-8-foot area. Both models feature Centipede's unique steel frame design that spreads the load over a series of steel struts standing directly between the load and the ground. The struts move in tandem with flat steel crossbars in a configuration that supports sheet materials without sagging. In addition, molded P-Tops at the point of each strut prevent damage to the load, to saw blades that may strike them during a cut, and to the Centipede itself in a brush with a blade. Each P-Top spins 360 degrees for ideal positioning, and is replaceable in the case of a misguided cut.

To hold materials securely, Centipede offers a tension clamping system to keep boards and table or bench tops in place, as well as drop-in supports to steady material for quick cuts without clamps. The K100 comes with two bench clamps, four X-cup supports, and a storage/carry bag for $90. The K200 Support XL model's kit costs $150 and comes with two additional bench clamps. Round out the set with additional bench clamps, X-cups, and replacement P-tops also available.