With the Dumper Dogg Dump Truck Insert you can turn your regular old pickup into a fully functional dump truck. A steel frame supports the unit, while a 3-hp motor — powered by the truck’s battery — controls the hydraulics. The insert is capable of lifting 6,000 pounds, and the dump can be angled to 40 degrees. The control box is at the end of a 9-foot cord and can be wired right into the truck’s cab. The frame has a powder-coated finish, and the removable tailgate has double pivots just like a full-sized dump truck. The insert comes in steel and stainless steel for 6- and 8-foot beds and in polymer for 8-foot beds. The 6-foot models can hold about 1.5 cubic yards, and the 8-foot version can hold 2 cubic yards. Price: Starting at $2,400. 440-974-8888.