Buyers Products has introduced a polymer version of its DumperDogg dump inserts, which allows users to turn their pickup trucks into dump trucks without having to rebuild the truck. The product is based on the steel version of the DumperDogg line of products.

According to the manufacturer, the product fits in most 8-foot truck beds and includes a 1.5-kilowatt (maximum of 3-horsepower) motor for the hydraulic pump that lifts the body. The pump can be operated from inside the cab of a truck thanks to a tethered control box with a nine foot cord. According to the manufacturer, the poly material provides a long service life and will never rust. The inserts can handle a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds—or 1.6 cubic yards of materials—and dump angles range from zero- to 45-degrees. It is also wide enough for a standard sheet of plywood to lie flat.

The body of the insert if constructed of black powder coat structural steel and includes a double pivoting and removable steel tailgate, which is held in place with 3/4-inch tailgate hinge pins.

A manual safety bar and steel window protector are also built into the product. Optional features include a roll tarp kit, poly wall extensions, and a tailgate spreader sold under Buyer Products' SaltDogg line of products.

Price: $3,500-$4,000 / COO: USA / 440.974.8888 /