It doesn’t snow everywhere, and four-wheel drive isn’t needed everywhere, and you don’t need to run around to estimates—and, let’s face it the grocery store and school event and big box for a tube of caulk (check out this great Newborn caulk gun review here)—with a ¾-ton 4x4 either.

And Ford Ranger, which I can’t stop writing about seems to identify the same thing.

The basic gist—if you don’t need 4x4—is that you can get the same truck as the more expensive 4x4 in 4x2.

It doesn’t look anemic like most 4x2s I’m aware of do, either.

This Ranger comes with a tow-package built in, so you can still trailer your stuff to the site or dump.

Get into the weeds on it if it matches your needs on MSNAutos.