Husqvarna’s remote-controlled floor grinder with integrated battery, the PG 820 RC, is easy to transport to and from the jobsite thanks to its long battery life. And thanks to the remote control, the operator is not exposed to the vibrations and sideways forces on the machine and is free to perform other necessary tasks as the machine executes the job.

Main benefits • Increased productivity. Higher output as optimum grinding parameters can be maintained over time.
• More grinding hours per day since one person can operate and prepare the next steps simultaneously.
• Consistent and better grinding performance with parameter settings.
• Ergonomic operation. Operator is not exposed to vibrations and the sideways forces of  the machine.
• User-friendly, intuitive display allows two-way communication with the machine.
• Effortless transportation and loading/unloading with integrated battery pack.
• Charges batteries from 1- or 3-phase.
• Dual Drive Technology.

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