Milwaukee is about to release the Jobsite Organizer, a storage box with removable bins and a clear plastic top. The boxes are modular, and can be stacked and connected with clips that fold up from the sides. A series of seals prevent small parts from migrating between bins and a lid gasket keeps water from getting inside.

The Jobsite Organizer (48-22-8030) includes (8) small and (2) large removable bins that can be mounted on common jobsite materials by utilizing the integrated screw slots. The convenient 4-inch by 4-inch size of the small bins allows them to be easily swapped out with a common electrical box.

According to Milwaukee, their new organizer has 20% more capacity than the competition—which they probably consider to be DeWalt’s Deep Pro Organizer. The two brands of organizers are very close in size; they’re the same length but the Milwaukee is a half-inch taller and longer. Most of the difference in capacity comes from the design of the handle. Milwaukee’s folds and is attached to the side of the box, while DeWalt’s is integral and eats into the storage space.

I own several Deep Pro Organizers. That they hold less than the Jobsite Organizers is not a problem for me, though I greatly prefer the design and construction of the Milwaukee box’s clips. DeWalt attaches their clips to the side of the box so when boxes are joined you must separate them to get at the interior of the one on the bottom. Milwaukee attaches their clips to the top so you can access a box when another is fastened on top of it (though the weight of the material in the upper box could make it awkward to do so). DeWalt’s clips are plastic; Milwaukee’s are plastic with metal hinge pins so “in theory” they should be more durable.

The Milwaukee and DeWalt organizers are of similar size and design, and are both made in Israel. I can’t prove this, but given how small that country is, I would not be surprised if both boxes came out of the same factory. If that were the case it would not be a bad thing. Smart tool companies produce their core-products in-house and “sub” the production of “peripheral” items to others.

Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer (48-22-8030)
Length: 18 inches
Width: 14 inches
Height: 5 inches
Country of origin: Israel
Price: $20-30
Available: May 2015

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