Full-Pull Utility Drawers from Tuffy Security Products provide lockable storage for pickups with 4-, 6-, or 8-foot beds. The weather-sealed load-bearing boxes are made from high-quality aluminum, and each 12-gauge steel drawer is supported by sealed stainless-steel roller bearings that can support up to 550 pounds at full extension on the 8-foot model. A slide-lock system secures the drawers in place at 12-inch increments. ¦ Price: $1,357 (4-footer); $1,643 (6-footer); and $2,017 (8-footer). 800-348-8339.


The hard, knobby treads on construction-vehicle tires are good for navigating building site terrain and debris, but they can be loud and slick on paved roads and they offer poor fuel economy. Wrangler Silent Armor Pro-Grade tires – designed for pickups – have a chip- and chunk-resistant tread compound that improves traction and reduces road noise, high-tensile steel belts with Kevlar layers to enhance tread wear in heavy loading and towing applications, and sidewall Rim Guards to protect against accidental curb damage.
¦ Price: $145 to $360 per tire depending on size. 800-321-2136.


Step n Tow is a Class III 2-inch receiver-mounted tow hitch. It has a swing-out step arm that locks into position and allows easy access to the pickup bed or roof rack of vehicles with a utility, boat, or travel trailer attached. Users can opt to install a ball mount or pintle hook for towing. The swing-out step supports up to 350 pounds, and the hitch itself is rated to 6,000 pounds (V5 certified). An optional winch mounting block is also available. ¦ Price: $150. 860-935-0121.


The 50QT Fridge Freezer from Australian four-wheel vehicle-parts manufacturer ARB was designed to improve on all other portable vehicle units now available, says the manufacturer. It has a metal cabinet, separate-temperature interior compartments, and recessed controls located in the front with power leads and fuse panel at the rear, and it can be powered by either 12- or 24-volt DC current or 110-volt AC current. An optional insulated Transit Bag is also available. ¦ Price: $854. 866-293-9078.