Staying connected to project management software while on site helps keep trades on task and coordinated on any project. Knaack, who specializes in jobsite storage, has a developed two toolboxes that bring project management software (and any other software you use to run your jobs more efficiently) securely onsite for easy access.

The DataVault Mobile (model 118-M) comes equipped with a 32-inch touchscreen monitor to view plans and specs, as well as a large storage locker that for locking up tools. Locking drawers provide quick access to frequently used tools, as well as additional tech components like printers, scanners, and more.

The DataVault is made of 16-gauge steel and features a Knaack's well-known dual Watchman IV independent locking design for secure storage. The unit comes with casters and is compact enough to roll through a 28-inch door frame. It also has skid access from all sides so it can be moved and place with a forklift. Additional features include back up power supply for 30 minutes of emergency power as well as 4 GFCI in-box power outlets.

Unit Weight: 320 lbs. (includes TV, power crew, power supply and cable)
Dimensions: 39.3” wide x 48.25” tall x 26.79” deep
Steel Thickness: 16 gauge (14 gauge floor)
Cubic Ft. Storage: 16.5 cubic ft.
COST: $3400 (online)

The larger of the two, the DataVault (model 118-01) comes with a 40-inch monitor, color laser printer with wireless printing capabilities, a USB switch and hub, 4 GFCI power outlets, a 1500 watt back-up power supply, and a crane lift kit as well as skid access. The 118-01 DataVault can fit through a standard 36-inch wide steel frame door.

Unit Weight: 780 lbs. (fully loaded with electronics)
Dimensions as shipped: 55” wide x 75” tall x 30” deep
Dimensions after lift brackets installed: 60.54” wide x 77” tall x 30” deep
Steel Thickness: 16 gauge (14 gauge floor)
Cubic ft. Storage: Lower section: 23.35 cu. Ft. Middle section: 5.18 cu. Ft. Upper section: 28.99 cu. Ft. Total=57.518 cubic ft.
COST: $5500 (online)

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