Milwaukee announced at this year’s media event that it will continue to develop its jobsite lighting category. Last year, it hit the ground running with its M18 True View Stand Light, which Tim Uhler, our contributing editor, reviewed recently along with its flood light.

One of the big “wow” announcements at this year’s media event was this compact site light, which Milwaukee refers to as the “Radius LED Compact Site Light.” It is portable, runs on M18 Fuel battery platform OR AC, and is very durable (one of the editors present actually dropped it on its head from a little over 4’ without issue). The outer polycarbonate lens didn’t break when a 15-lb. weight was dropped directly on it. It comes with a hook built into the bottom so it can be hung overhead from pipe or wood framing, and it has AC input and output so it can be connected in a series. Milwaukee says you can run 15 of these at one time on a 15-amp breaker. AC input does NOT charge the battery; however, if the power goes out and a battery is in, the light will switch to battery mode instantly. The light has three modes - high, medium and low – with a max output of 4,400 lumens. It also has three directional modes: Side A, Side B, or Both. LEDs are warrantied for life as long as they’re not damaged. Each light comes equipped with a 3.5’ aluminum cable so it can be locked up on site. When equipped with a 9-Ah battery, the light will run for 2 hours on high, 4 hours on medium, and 8 hours on low.

The company will offer two versions: one with OneKey compatibility, Milwaukee’s mobile app, and one without OneKey. With OneKey you can turn the light on and off from your phone. But that’s just the beginning. You can also set a sleep timer for the light, and create a schedule for it much like you can for programmable thermostats. These features only work when the light is plugged into AC power, but it’s still a super-cool and very useful feature. Even when lights are run in a series, each light is controlled individually within OneKey.

The Radius LED Compact Light will be available with or without OneKey compatibility. MSRP: $299 (without OneKey). Expected: July 2016. Radius LED with OneKey is expected in October; no price information is available yet.

Check out the video for a first look.