We’ve posted a few articles about Ron Paulk’s work bench. As awesome as this system is, building it has always intimidated me not because it’s particularly complicated – it isn’t – but because of the time I imagine having to spend doing it.

FastCap now offers a knock-down version of the bench that ships to you in a box (it’s only available in the U.S.). It costs $530, including shipping. That sounds like a lot of money until you listen to Brian Way (in the video below) do the math. Brian mentions in the video that the work bench is $350 plus shipping – but the FastCap website lists $530 as the cost. I called FastCap and they said they decided to include shipping. So it’s a flat rate of $530 plus about an hour’s worth of your time to assemble.

I haven’t used this setup, as I currently have a large, 4x8 table in my shop, but I can see the benefit of it – especially when having to set up and knock down on various jobs.