The miter saws weren't the only tools on the spot. We tested saw stands of the lightweight, folding-leg, sawhorse type; more elaborate convertible, collapsible, rolling stand designs; and a more stationary multipiece stand. Besides evaluating their use in the shop and on the job, we devised a jobsite obstacle course to see how fast one guy could set them up. It consisted of wrestling a stand out of the truck, rolling or carrying it across the lot and up some stairs, and adjusting all the extensions, supports, and the saw so it was ready to cut.

All the stands are definitely portable with obstacle course times ranging from 2-1/2 to 4 minutes. Those with bottom wheels and no extension legs were the quickest to reposition once in use.

Folding-Leg Sawhorse-Type Stands

The lightest to carry, these are best for a short stays or for climbing a lot of stairs. But they won't help you transport a heavy saw. The long throw of a big slider can make these stands feel tippier than larger models.

DeWalt DW723

A built-in handle makes this stand the easiest to carry without the saw. Mounting brackets bolted to the saw are easy to attach to the stand with quick-release locking levers. And the locking system for the legs makes this a sturdy stand. Adjustable-length extension arms have flip-up stops and a maximum span of 12 feet, 6 inches. Assembly time: 30 minutes. Setup time: 3 minutes. Weight: 35 pounds. Price: $220. DeWalt Industrial Tools: 800-433-9258,

Hitachi UU610

With its 3-inch wheels, this stand can roll around smooth surfaces while folded up, even with a saw attached. The sturdy legs make this the most stable sawhorse model, and the work support system is more refined than others, with quick cam locks to cinch the saw brackets and extension arms in place. The support arms span up to 9 feet, 6 inches, and an additional arm with a flip-up stop can be used on either side. Assembly time: 1 hour. Setup time: 2 minutes, 45 seconds. Weight: 40 pounds. Price: $220. Hitachi Power Tools: 800-829-4752,

Ryobi A18MS01

This unit feels quite heavy, with more apparent steel construction than its aluminum counterparts. Side handles on the saw brackets aid in mounting and removing a saw. Adjustable extension arms have two stops and span of 9 feet, 4 inches. This stand is less refined than most but a good bargain. One problem is that its legs do not fold in neatly; instead, they overlap in a way that will not sit flat. Assembly time: 1 hour. Setup time: 3 minutes. Weight: 42 pounds. Price: $99. Ryobi Ltd.: 800-525-2579,

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