Everyone has favorite tools, ones they consider to be particularly valuable and use more than others. Near the top of my list would a smartphone. Sounds crazy to call a smartphone a tool, but for a contractor it is. By itself the phone can be used for communication but with apps installed it can perform any number of functions.

Woodshop Widget seems like a bit of a novelty, and yet I find myself using it. The most unique and cool thing about this app is the way it allows you to compare different wood species and the way the move in response to changes in temperature and humidity. As a millwork installation contractor, that’s valuable information for me to have.

The app has a quick board foot calculator that is occasionally quite useful and lists the densities of over 200 species of wood—which is something I look at more often than I would have imagined. It also has a decimal to fraction conversion, though for that I always use Fraction Plus.

Woodshop Widget sells for $3.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.