“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.”

That’s me quoting Matt (Next Level Carpentry on YouTube) quoting Marshal McLuhan inside one of Matt’s great and thoughtful one-liners: “There was a day when a carpenter’s resume was something they made, not something they carefully contrived with a computer … and showing up on a jobsite with a sawhorse like this can be a lot more meaningful and a lot more useful than a four-page resume."

Here’s Matt’s description.

This full featured video shows all the steps for making a pair of strong, lightweight and very functional Journeyman's Style Sawhorses from scratch. Nearly a year since its inception and an hour long, the video is as much a mini course in carpentry skills as it is a build video. From material selection to in depth instruction for making and assembly, viewers have all they need to make a pair of these ponies to showcase their carpentry skillset.