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Kitchen & Bath, continued


Solid Switching.

Really put the finishing touches to your kitchen and bathroom solid-surfacing installations with switches, GFCI outlets, phone jacks, coverplates, knobs, pulls, and more made in matching or complementary Corian colors. Let's see your wallpaper hanger top that. The company ships direct, usually in seven to ten working days.


Woodward, 888/281-3865.

Metalflake Accents.

The sparkle of copper, silver, or mother-of-pearl and abalone is added to the translucent, flaky matrix in the Metallics line of Avonite solid surfacing, producing reflections that flash and change with the viewing angle. Viewed head-on, the surface has a three-dimensional depth to it, like mineral particles trapped in ice. Finishes may be specified in matte, satin, or gloss. The approximate installed cost is $50 to $60 per square foot.


Avonite, 800/428-6648,

Solidaminated Sink.

I saw this technique modeled at this year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and did a double take. Yes, that's standard high-pressure laminate bonded directly to the lip of a solid-surface undermount sink. The Karran double-bowl sink is made of thermoformed sheet and reinforced on the underside with a fiberglass lamination for strength. As a result, the sink weighs in at about 25 pounds, or 40 pounds less than comparable cast solid-surface models. The sink's rim accommodates standard undermount clips and bonds to the laminate with solid-surface seam adhesive. Although unlikely to unseat solid surfacing as a countertop material, this sure gives laminate a shot in the arm. The double-bowl Newport undermount model retails for $290.


Karran USA, 866/452-7726,  

Storage Accessories

Variable Base Storage.

Here's a rather obvious photo series that reminds me of one of those evolutionary ape-to-man illustrations. Anyway, it's a handy way to show your clients some useful variations on base cabinet storage. These five configuration options represent a modest but significant improvement over this cabinetmaker's existing standard single roll-out tray offering. Options shown include double tray, double deep tray, full-depth shelf, half-depth shelf, and of course, the single roll-out tray. Prices vary.



Merillat, 517/263-0771,

Vanity's Sanity Restored.

Fully enclosed vanity bases may not be the hottest trend anymore, but they sure had storage space going for them. The 28- by 20-inch Brook Console Table looks airy and open but still manages to accommodate a little stealthy stowage to either side. The solid poplar and maple veneer unit has a suggested retail price of $900.


American Standard, 800/442-1902,

Reach-Extending Insert.

Your ordinary average wall cabinet is just waiting to spill its guts all over the first overreaching, height-challenged user to come along. This clever chrome-on-steel insert, the Premiere Pull-Down Shelving System, pulls forward 143/4 inches and lowers a full 10 inches for better access. A gas-assisted lift mechanism handles the load and provides stability through the full range of motion. The system is made to fit either 24- or 36-inch cabinets, with respective suggested retail prices of $270 and $281.


Rev-A-Shelf, 800/626-1126,

Stop Sorta Sorting.

Fixed-compartment utensil trays, organizers, inserts, or whatever you want to call them, all impose a standardized configuration that may conform poorly to your customer's tool collection. The valendrawerganizer system employs a peg-board-style bottom "matrix" panel and an assortment of individual dividers that can be configured in hundreds of different ways. The system is available in sets -- "A" through "G" -- for various applications and drawer sizes. The matrix panel is made of MDF with a cleanable overlay; dividers are beech with a natural finish. Sets range in cost from $71 to $115; individual components for further customization are also available.


Valendrawers, 800/334-4825,