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    Credit: Uli Reitz

Hilti just launched the innovative HIT-HY 200 adhesive anchoring system for anchor rods and rebar dowels, which is approved by ICC-ES for use in uncracked or cracked concrete in all seismic zones. The system offers two options that can eliminate the need to clean out your holes with compressed air and a wire brush before injecting the HIT-HY 200 adhesive: You can either hook Hilti’s unique hollow SDS-max or SDS-plus drill bits to a Hilti vacuum to suck up the dust as you drill, or you can use Hilti’s new HIT-Z anchor rods and eliminate hole cleaning altogether. Both methods are supposed to be up to 60% faster than the traditional installation method.

Sim Ayers, owner of SBE Builders in Discovery Bay, Calif., installs lots of adhesive anchors, so we asked him for a quick opinion. After watching the video at, he said the vacuum option really piqued his interest, not only because it promises to be much faster than the usual cleaning procedure, but because it doesn’t blow clouds of dust everywhere or drop it by the holes — a huge consideration when working in occupied buildings. Ayers recently bid on a seismic retrofit in an occupied multistory building and says if he gets the job, he just might submit Hilti’s ICC-ES report to the structural engineer and buy into the system.

You can buy the components separately, but at the moment Hilti is also offering four deluxe starter kits that cost $2,600 or $3,000 and include everything from a rotary hammer to a cordless dispenser, plus some adhesive. — B.G.