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Wallboard that bends can really help in rooms with "soft" corners. National Gypsum Company's 1/4-inch High-Flex Wallboard is typically double-layered and can handle a 15-inch-radius bend when dry. Wet it down with a watersoaked paint roller and you can get a 7-inch-radius bend. High-Flex comes in the standard 4-foot width and lengths of 8, 9, 10, and 12 feet. Contact: National Gypsum Co., 2001 Rexford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211; 800/628-4662. Painter's Sandpaper When used on surfaces painted with water-based paints, sandpaper typically "loads" quickly. This means that the grit gets clogged with the chips it has rubbed off and it can't cut any more. 3M's Professional Painters' Abrasive has an antiload coating that keeps the chips from filling up the aluminum