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Kitchen & Bath


One-Piece Upright. Beleaguered users of the raised-seat toilet, rejoice! The Champion's sloping, seamless deck provides positive drainage and eliminates the uncleanable crevice between tank and bowl. Thanks to a 3.5-inch-diameter valve and a "flapperless" Flush Tower mechanism, the contents of the 1.6-gallon tank surge through the trap in less than one second. Water enters the bowl cyclonically through rim jets, enhancing cleansing. The toilet costs $495 in white, $569 in bone and linen. American Standard, 732/980-3000,

Dual Water Saver. At first flush, it's hard to believe that a mere dollop of water could be so effective. Nonetheless, the Rockton delivers the goods with a two-way selectable flush button. Liquid waste is escorted out with a light .8-gallon flush, while solid waste is vanquished with a 1.6-gallon slug of water. The toilet's features — a narrow tank profile, a wide gap between tank and bowl, and a raised barrier lip beneath the tank — simplify cleaning. The fixture retails for approximately $135 in white and $175 in a choice of colors. Sterling, 888/783-7546,

Flushing Up. With the ability to pump 9 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally, the Sanistar macerating toilet opens otherwise plumbing-challenged spaces — like a basement, garage, or closet — to bathroom development without floor demolition. The 3/4-inch-diameter discharge pipe can be easily concealed or left bold on the wall surface. A lavatory gray-water drain also can be connected to the discharge unit. The model shown retails for $1,138. Saniflo, 800/363-5874,

No Sweat. Why haven't toilets always been flushed this way? Within its conventional-looking tank, the Niagara Flapperless toilet conceals a tipping reservoir. The flush handle rotates the reservoir to dump a precise 1.6 gallons down the open flapperless hatch, producing a highly effective flushing action. In addition, the reservoir isolates the water from contact with the tank walls, eliminating tank sweat. A big 10-by-20-inch footprint covers old outlines in replacement applications, and the toilet fits both 10- and 12-inch rough-ins. It costs $165. Niagara Conservation, 800/831-8383,


Carved Relief. The versatility of a routered edge is no match for the deeply profiled patterns offered by Omnitones and MetalTones Solid Surface Edge Treatments. The metal finishes contain real metal and must be polished with.comound and steel wool to attain their full luster. Matching vanity bowls really set this treatment apart from the pack. The edge can be thermoformed to follow turns and curves in the countertop profile. Preformed inside and outside corners simplify joining. Twelve-foot lengths are shipped with no minimum order required. The edge shown costs $22.75 per linear foot. Innovative Edge, 866/778-8778,

Smooth Transitions..comining solid-surface edges, laminate facing, and an MDF backer, Gem-Loc provides a seamless transition between laminate countertop and edge. A proprietary router bit for the T-lock backer profile makes alignment just about foolproof; ordinary wood glue is all that's required. The.comany works with all popular solid-surface and high-pressure­laminate brands, so decorative options are virtually unlimited. The edge costs $6 per linear foot. Installed cost runs about $10 per foot. Loti, 877/436-3343,

Mixed Media. Just as you can "upscale" a laminate countertop by applying a solid-surface edge, so can you incorporate some of laminate's extensive color and pattern options into a solid-surface countertop. The LaKor Solid Surface Edge features an accent strip of laminate, wood, or metal that matches or.comlements cabinet and appliance finishes. The edge is available in seven profiles and includes a matching solid-surface backsplash option; edge and backsplash in 8-foot lengths. Prices vary according to regional distributor. Kuehn Bevel, 800/862-3835,

Border Control. The time is long past when you could distinguish your kitchen work merely by specifying solid surfacing. That's one reason you might consider adding a Pinske Edge Decorative Inlay to your next countertop project. The.comany offers four designs that can be assembled in your choice of colors, glued together, and shipped for router installation. Your cost: $2.50 per linear inch, available in 1-by-70-inch strips. Pinske Edge, 800/874-6753,