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Clean Curves If there’s a wish to break from convention, the Ultra Round Shower System offers a compact alternative to the standard neo-angle enclosure. Featuring an acrylic Lucite base and walls, a corner drain location, and curved tempered glass sliding doors, the compact enclosure is available in 36- and 38-inch base dimensions with an 80-inch overall height. Standard, optional, and custom colors are available. The retail price is approximately $1,775, depending on the options chosen. Contact: Ultra Baths, 1200 Chemin Industriel, Saint-Nicolas, PQ G7A 1B1, Canada; 800/463- 2187; Traditional Vinyl You can replicate the look of Honest Abe’s birthplace without felling a forest. Timbermill Log Cabin Board, made from vinyl laminated to profiled expanded polystyrene, lays on the loglook without bark, bugs, or bruises. Furthermore, the fire-retardant treated