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    Snug Fit StareCasing treads feature a routed bullnose to fit snugly over existing treads. The company also offers squared-off treads for installation over stairs with no lip.

Small projects that make a big impact spell value for homeowners. Cabinet door replacement and refacing, and garage door or interior door replacement are among the projects that give homes a visible lift on a smaller budget. Now staircase refinishing can join the list with a new offering from StareCasing.

“With traditional staircase replacement, your stairs can be out of commission for a few days, which is inconvenient for most homeowners,” says company president Jim McCool. “With our hardwood overlay system, we can have your project done by the time you get home from work in the evening at a cost 30% to 50% less than traditional methods.”

As a flooring installer by trade, McCool says that he has seen numerous projects that would have benefitted from a solution like StareCasing. “When people replace their hardwood floors or they want to get rid of their carpeted stairs and use hardwood, that used to mean building the new stairs from scratch, which is a tedious process,” he says. “Now we can work with the existing structure of the stairs and use pre-finished pieces to match the most popular hardwood flooring choices.”

StareCasing’s hardwood overlays are designed to fit over existing treads and can be cut to fit on-site. The system includes:

  • Matching treads and risers in a variety of wood species and finishes
  • Components milled from solid hardwood, with no laminates, plywoods, or veneers
  • Thicknesses that can withstand multiple refinishings over time
  • Treads, risers, landings, and returns to accommodate any type of staircase layout

—Lauren Hunter, associate editor, REMODELING.