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Hang On.

If your clients have a glazed look in their eyes, try not to take it personally. Odds on, they're thinking about cabinet finishes. Glazing layers a secondary, contrasting color over the base, adding depth and "hanging" in corners and crevices to create a "rich, aged feel." I'd rather feel rich and not aged, but the combination has proved popular, a fact recognized in Merillat's Classic Lariat and LaBelle standard cabinetry lines. Bead detailing and rope molding give the glaze plenty to hang on. Merillat, 517/263-0771,


Love Beads?

Beaded board wainscoting is a classic wall treatment that can add style to just about any room of the house. The Tucson line of cabinets, with its beaded panel treatment, could make itself equally at home in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, office, or bedroom. The doors, panels, drawer fronts, and face frames are produced in solid maple for even grain and coloring, and in hickory for a more pronounced grain pattern. The cabinet bodies feature 1/2-inch-thick engineered-wood panel sides, 3/4-inch-thick shelving, and engineered-wood drawers with concealed, self-closing glides. Timberlake, 800/967-9674,


Installer's Vacation.

Kitchen Workstation Furniture is finished on at least three sides and is freestanding, making installation almost as simple as chopping a section of the baseboard out of the way. Or not. The retro-look design concept throws away built-in soffits, fitted cabinets, and even redresses those style-terrorizing appliances. The company offers a unit to conceal even the oven, claimed to be an industry first. YesterTec Design, 877/346-4976,


Top-Shelf Item.

Stock cabinets have stock interiors. Fortunately, they're also easy to upgrade with some wizardly inserts. The chrome-plated Pull-Down Shelving System lowers shelf contents a full 10 inches and extends almost 15 inches, a clever way to add convenience to less accessible wall cabinets. A gas-assisted lifting and lowering mechanism is said to provide easy operation and stability. The 10-inch-deep pull-downs come in two sizes, to fit 24- and 36-inch-wide cabinets, and can be stacked inside a 42-inch-high cabinet. The model 5PD-24CR retails for $270, and the 5PD-36CR retails for $281. Rev-A-Shelf, 800/626-1126,



Faucet Facelift.

The Chateau line is an old friend to many a bathroom remodeler. Broad compatibility in a variety of settings makes it an easy client selection, and reliable performance at a sellable price makes it popular on the installer's side of the equation. The faucet has now been updated with an ergonomically designed lever handle and a longer spout. The newly streamlined form is intended to improve upkeep by reducing dirt-collecting crevices. As far as reliability goes, nothing has changed; the tried-and-true one-piece, washerless, drop-in cartridge remains. The suggested retail price is $100 to $190, depending on finish. Moen, 800/289-6636,


Antique-Style Console.

One of the nice things about the Belle Epoch was that people began to embrace personal hygiene in a big way, helped along by indoor plumbing. And while contemporary shapes trend to streamlined minimalism, an elaborately curvy form on a nice pair of legs will never go out of style. The model #710 console is made of white vitreous porcelain, measures 28 x 22 inches, and stands at 34 inches (36 inches to top of splash). The console lav retails for a reasonable $450; the model #121 widespread faucet shown has an updated satin-nickel finish and retails for $495. Sunrise Specialty, 510/729-7277,


Space and Back Saver.

It is written: A standard-height lav rim must stand 32 inches above the floor. But what should be remembered is that that was written by the Marquis de Sade. Toto's classic-looking Promenade pedestal lavs break out of the mold at 35 inches from floor to rim. Those 3 inches over standard height are intended to make the basin more accessible to users of all shapes, sizes, and flexibilities. The porcelain lav is available in two deck sizes: a generous 27 1/2 x 22 1/4 inches ($363) and a smaller 24 x 19 inches ($348), great for powder rooms and smaller bath spaces. Toto, 888/295-8134,


Save the Drywall.

You won't have to break into the wall to convert to a wall-hung faucet look with this cabinet combo. The hutch backing the vanity conceals a 3 1/2-inch-deep cavity. The existing supply and waste can be extended in front of the wall, simplifying connection. The Waterfall Hutch and Loft Vanity combo shown retail for $1,395 and $2,195, respectively. The hutch is available in a variety of finishes to complement other vanity styles and decorative looks. Vanity Flair, 888/479-4108,