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Traditional woodworking never seems to go out of style. Georgian, Federal, and Revival doorways are still being made by hand using time-honored methods of joining. Kenmore Industries produces historical entries with full mortise-and-tenon rails, true raised panels, and deep-cut moldings. The doorways feature hand-carved fanlights, pilasters, capitals, dentils, and transoms. The doors are made of solid mahogany but are generally painted to accentuate the shadows and highlights of the intricate design. For more information, contact Kenmore Industries, 1 Thompson Square, P.O. Box 34, Boston MA 02129; 617/242-1711. Another old method of production is making a comeback. Artistic Woodworking has revived the lost art of die stamping to produce and array of embossed medallions, lacework, and moldings. The ornate "carvings" are made with hand-tooled brass