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Instant Wall Thermostat Upgrade Some feel that "smart" electronics can be stupid at times, but if you're convinced that electronic controls are the way to go, look at the Comfort Manager 100. It is designed as an upgrade for round, mechanical thermostats. By unscrewing the old thermostat, and attaching the Comfort Manager 100 to the existing round baseplate, the old thermostat can be transformed into a programmable, electronic model. For more information, contact Quad Six, Inc., 3753 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; 313/663-6666. Quick Curve Not quite instantaneous, but if manufacturer's claims are accurate- and they probably are, because the product was designed by a drywall contractor- Insta-Arch could be the solution for a tricky modeling job. Turning a rectangular doorway into an archway could