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Shake-Absorber. A high-speed washer’s spin cycle can sound like a jet engine revving up for takeoff — and unless the appliance sits on a slab, it’s likely to impart the vibrations to the floor. Putting KE’s Shake-Away Plus Pads underneath the washer can help. These 1-inch-thick neoprene and ABS laminations absorb vibrations and reduce noise; they’re a specialized version of similar products that the company makes for machinery and hvac equipment. A set of four pads costs $30. Kellett Enterprises, 864/244-7248,

Tapered Look. Wrap N’ Snap tapered column wraps complement Craftsman and other architectural styles better than straight-sided wraps, says the maker. They’re sold in three base and top widths, in lengths from 41/2 to 8 feet. The wrap comes as four flat pieces of 1/2-inch-thick cellular PVC that you cut to exact length, then glue and snap together around a post. Once the precut capital and base moldings are installed, the column can be painted or left white. Prices start at $200. Screen Tight, 800/768-7325,

Perfect Fit. The one-piece Toto Carlyle has a base large enough to cover virtually any flooring imperfection left by an old toilet. The fixture is adjustable for 10-, 12-, and 14-inch rough-ins — a handy feature when obstructions like floor joists fall in the wrong spot. The supply line must be at least 7 inches to the left of center to clear the toilet’s oversized footprint. The Carlyle sells online for about $425. Toto USA, 888/295-8134,

Switch Up. Masco’s Verve wireless lighting- control system saves wire while giving homeowners optimum flexibility. The radio-frequency switches mount anywhere; the 10-circuit control panel can be programmed for dimmer levels, three-way (or more) switching, and multiple fixture “scenes.” Each circuit powers up to 300 watts — so several fixtures can share a switch and a single panel can operate dozens of lights. Multiple controllers can be linked. One controller plus 10 switches costs $990. Masco, 800/542-3789,

Double Combination. Kwikset’s new SmartCode electronic touchpad deadbolt works with two different combinations that can be reprogrammed in seconds. Its motorized bolt can be set to lock the door automatically after it’s closed. Part of the Signature Series, the unit runs on four AA batteries (a key can be used when power is low or the owner forgets the combination). It costs $100. Kwikset, 800/327-5625,

Light Post. Thanks to a new casting method, Crown Column & Millwork’s structural fiberglass columns are lighter than earlier versions but have the same load rating, says the company. Their walls are of uniform thickness for greater dimensional stability. Crown’s plain and fluted square styles — as well as the tapered columns in its Arts & Crafts collection — feature the new construction. Sold in lengths from 51/2 to 18 feet, the columns cost $320 and up. Crown Column & Millwork, 888/862-0880,

Foam-Backed. Royal’s DuraPlank is vinyl siding with a difference — a foam-reinforcement layer. This gives the siding an R-value of 3.46; a flatter, more traditional look; and greater impact resistance. The resilient foam backing is closed cell for waterproofness, corrugated for drainage and airflow, and loosely attached to allow expansion and contraction. The siding is 12 feet 3 inches long with a 7-inch exposure and comes in twelve colors. A 100-square-foot pack costs $160. Royal Building Products, 800/387-2789,

Flood Stopper. According to some insurance experts, catastrophic water damage causes more claims than fires do. Watts’ FloodSafe Auto-Shutoff Connectors are designed to reduce the danger of ruptured supply lines. The braided-stainless-steel hoses have a valve that shuts off the water if the flow on the demand side exceeds 2.9 gallons per minute. If your clients’ water pressure stays between 30 and 80 psi and their fixtures and appliances don’t require too high of a flow, these hoses could spare them some serious headaches. A pair for a washing machine costs $25. Watts, 978/688-1811,