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Look for accuracy, power, and durability


Whether you're buying your first compound miter saw or adding a new one to your fleet, with the number of saws on the market, it can be a tough choice.

How To Decide

For this article, I compared the features of 11 commonly available compound miter saws. As you decide which one will work best for you, consider what you will expect this saw to do. If it's going to be bolted to the bench in your shop, then accuracy and power will be important, but portability and bed configuration probably won't. For the occasional small trim job, however, light weight and compact size may be at the top of your list. Durability is important to everyone, but especially so when the saw will be used by many people on many sites or in unusually tough environments. For most of us price is also important. If you need to buy one good saw for your own careful use, you'll probably look at these tools differently from the guy who's had two saws stolen and whose helpers just destroyed the third.