After Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana more than 10 years ago, one silver lining of that storm's dark aftermath was a better understanding of how to recover and rebuild after such devastating flooding. Residents along the Gulf Coast who are now faced with the aftermath from Hurricane Harvey can apply some of those lessons as they return to their homes and start to rebuild their lives. To help get started, JLC senior editor Ted Cushman has put together a kind of field guide to various kinds of resources for homeowners affected by the storm.

A key takeaway: For people who aren't required to elevate their home by regulations, and who can't afford the substantial cost of elevating, "the more practical course is to restore the house with flood-hardy details," says Claudette Reichel, LSU professor and director of the LaHouse Resource Center. "And one of the things that's good about it is that it's not 'all or nothing.' It's not one of those things where you have to do it all for it to work. Anything you do reduces your damage next time." Good advice, because there will always be a "next time" in the forecast.

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