Estimating Brick

Brick sizes vary widely, and so do the costs. When estimating and pricing brick, keep in mind that larger brick may cost more per unit, but it takes far fewer units to complete a job, and the job will require less sand and mortar.

To estimate the number of brick per 100 sq. ft. of wall, refer to Brick Veneer Coverage, below. Or use the following formula (for standard 8x21/4x33/4 brick with a standard 3/8-in. mortar joint):

1 Square Foot of Wall = 6.8 Brick

Wall Height (ft.) x Wall Length (ft.) x 6.8 = Total Brick Needed

Figure: Brick Veneer Coverage (per 100 sq. ft.)
Mortar Joint (in.) Brick Wall Ties Mortar Required (cu. ft.)
1/4 698 23 4.48
3/8 680 22 6.56
1/2 635 21 8.34
5/8 590 19 10.52
3/4 549 18 12.60
"Mortar Required" assumes 20% waste for all head and bed joints. The brick size assumed is 8 x 2 1/4 x 3 3/4 in. No waste is included for the brick.
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