A front door is nearly impossible to ignore when walking into a home, and for potential homebuyers, first impressions are critical. How attractive a home is from the exterior tends to set expectations for the interior and beyond.

An enhanced front entryway can highlight a home’s overall architectural style and curb appeal. And, according to most real estate agents and trade professionals in a recent survey, “curb appeal” is one of the top three factors for home buyers.

Where your customers see increased curb appeal, it can mean increased margins for you. Our recent national study demonstrated that a Therma-Tru door can greatly increase a home’s perceived value. Consumers and industry professionals were shown images of various new construction homes, including some that had been modified with a new Therma-Tru door, and asked to estimate the value of the home.

While results varied, the survey suggests choosing an enhanced entryway door that complements the home’s architecture could add up to 3% or more to the perceived value of a new construction home. (The 2021 Home Valuation Study can be found here)

The benefit of an enhanced entry can even extend to finding a buyer. According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of buyers use the internet to search for a home and 87% of home buyers say they rely on photos when house hunting. (See the NAR 2020 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers here)

The reality of online shopping means pictures that highlight a home’s appeal can be crucial to get potential buyers’ interest, and an enhanced entry door can be a quick way to achieve that appeal.

In the Therma-Tru survey mentioned above, 44% of homeowners said they were more likely to purchase a home with an enhanced entry; one in three homeowners said they were willing to pay a premium for one. One homeowner survey respondent stated, “An enhanced entry door makes a home look more expensive and custom. It adds character to the home.”

A stylish new front entryway can also help convey your customer’s personal style and highlight the home’s overall architectural style and curb appeal. After all, if you offer clients options to choose their countertops, cabinets and flooring – why not entry doors too?

Therma-Tru makes it easy to find doors to complement architectural styles at a variety of price points. Check out Therma-Tru’s Architectural Homes Styles Guide to select doors that can best enhance your builds’ curb appeal.

To learn more about Therma-Tru’s Home Valuation Study, explore the results here.