Recognized for its good quality of life, stunning scenery and expansive views, Utah is ranked among the fastest growing housing markets in the U.S. Homeowners there expect their houses to be made from high-quality materials that deliver distinctive curb appeal and harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Such was the case for two Utah homeowners.

Delivering Durability Without Compromising Style

Luxury homeowners have discerning preferences and high expectations. Park City-based owner of the “Red Ledges” project and Salt Lake City owner of the “Retro” residence, each wanted a rustic, yet sleek, modern look. To meet their requirements, building professionals Viotell Metal Concepts (Red Ledges, Park City) and Aspen Roofing (Retro, Salt Lake City), respectively, searched for a material option that they could be confident would produce a rugged metal aesthetic and stand up to weather conditions known to cause metal siding to oil can or ripple.

“We needed an innovative solution for Red Ledges; one that would make it possible for us to strike an ideal balance between durability, sophistication and affordability, while also delivering a finish that would coordinate brilliantly with a mix of other materials,” shared Anthony Ortega, chief operating officer, Viotell Metal Concepts. “Although the material we used is an aluminum composite material (ACM) well-known for its use on large commercial projects, I believed it checked all the boxes for this home, and my client agreed.”

Ease of Installation Enables Striking Street-Level Looks

Traditionally installed on large-scale commercial buildings such as hotels, schools and office buildings, ACM creates a refined, sturdy appearance which is typically achieved through intricate framework. ALUCOBOND PLUS, however, can be fitted using the ALUCOBOND EasyFix system, making installation simpler for residential builders and remodelers, giving homeowners classic curb appeal and peace of mind that it will retain its smooth surface for years to come.

A mid-century modern home in need of an exterior refresh, the Retro job was a remodeling assignment. Unique trim lines paired with expansive windows and existing masonry, required a designer’s eye and a craftsman’s approach to replacing the siding.

“Our client wanted to give their house a facelift. We chose an ACM that offered a broad color portfolio, which allowed us to perfectly match the finish of the owner’s much-loved rusted metal planter boxes that frame the home’s front elevation,” said Jon Brady, owner, Aspen Roofing. “Fortunately, the manufacturer also has a system that simplifies the installation of the ACM panels, it was a solution that enabled our crew to carefully affix each section within tight spaces and unusual shapes.”

A Custom Blend of Beauty and Performance

“Together, ALUCOBOND PLUS and the ALUCOBOND EasyFix System provided us with the products, tools and resources we needed to not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations for their home exterior,” said Ortega. “Homeowners trust us with their biggest investment, and the demand for a metal home facade that will maintain its appearance and be as stunning years from now as it is on reveal day is understandable. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer and install this product for our clients.”

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