Falling somewhere between modular and stick-built, BMC's new Ready-Frame building packages may be an answer. While precut studs are standard items, a Read- Frame package now adds the rest of the framing members, bundled, labeled, and off-loaded in order. At the recent BMC Conference (yes, this is a building supply company large enough to have its very own conference in Las Vegas), Matt Risinger talks with fellow builder, Luke Mezger, who first saw these last year at the 2016 International Builders Show, and had the chance to build with Ready-Frame recently. As he explains in the video below, the framing site gets eerily quiet—devoid of saws running and only the sound of nail guns popping off—when using Ready-Frame.

Check out the video below to see how the framing gets bundled and labeled for assembly, as Luke explains some of the jobsite practicalites of using this new system for framing a home.