JLC · JUNE 1989 TERMITE PROTECTION WITHOUT CHLORDANE by Ward Hitchings In 1988, the EPA banned Chlordane, the most common and most effective soil termiticide used in the United States. Currently, there are many companies marketing products to replace Chlordane. The most notable post-Chlordane termiticide is chlorpyrifos, commonly known as Dursban. Chlordane was an extremely effective and long-lasting termiticide, but animal tests indicated that it was possibly toxic to humans. Its primary replacement, Dursban, has been around for awhile, and wood-stake tests conducted by the U.S. Forest Service in Mississippi, Guam, and elsewhere show this termiticide to be effective as well. When accompanied by regular pest-control operator inspections, it will provide more than adequate protection. Over $750 million is spent each year replacing wood damaged by decay and termite attack.