Box-Framed Curved Deck Stairs

Stacked on top of each other, a series of ascending tapered boxes form the... More

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Multiuse Wood Screws

MVP screws feature a double-lead point, Torx ttap drive, countersinking head, and... More

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Lightweight Deck Trusses

Double-threaded screws form the web and keep the pressure-treated chords flat. More

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GuardDog Exterior Wood Screws

Approved for use with ACQ and CA-B, as well as cedar and redwood. More

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Steel Roof Support Brace

Framers can set, space, and brace roof trusses in one step. More

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Building a Budget-Conscious Deck

Jeremy Kassel demonstrates how smart details and good craftsmanship can add value... More

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Structural Wood Screw
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Lateral Load Anchor Kit
FastenMaster FrameFast Screw Gun

Framer and contributing editor Tim Uhler weighs in on the usefulness, convenience,... More

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