Photo Courtesy Jionta Products

One of the great things about the JLC Live trade show is the opportunity to meet tradespeople who had an idea for a time- or labor-saving tool or product (haven’t we all?) and, unlike most of us, followed through to create it and bring it to market. At last year’s JLC Live show in Providence, R.I., I visited with Jesse Gionta, a longtime contractor who grew tired of going outside in cold Northeast weather to cut tile using his wet saw. His idea for a secondary containment system became the Wet Saw Work Station, a tile-saw enclosure that allows users to make clean tile cuts right inside the room being tiled. Gionta says the work station is made in the USA of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, with a high-density poly (HDPE) shelf. The 32-inch-high base is designed to collect and contain spray from the wet saw, with the assistance of the three side panels and top panel. The overall height of the work station is about 65 inches, and the panels can be assembled in a few minutes without tools. It’s available for $390 directly from the manufacturer, with free shipping.