Smart thermostats for HVAC are growing in popularity, but the Rheem EcoNet system brings water heating into the mix. Available on Prestige Series equipment, a WiFi-enabled module connects heating, air, and water heating equipment to the home’s network, allowing users to adjust temperatures, program the thermostat, and manage alerts through the app. The mobile version syncs with the home’s thermostat so both are always up-to-date, and EcoNet can also be integrated into some home automation systems. If homeowners want the connectivity, but aren’t ready to replace all of their home’s mechanicals, they can start with one piece of EcoNet equipment and upgrade the others as needs or budgets allow. Look for interaction with pool heaters in the future.

Products editor Lauren Hunter got to see the EcoNet system up close during the 2015 International Builders Show. Watch the video to learn more.

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