Available this month are a few new cordless drain-cleaning options from Milwaukee. These include an 18V drum-style snake mounted as a backpack and a 12V porcelain auger system. The most interesting new offering, however, is a cordless drain cleaner that uses compressed air to blow out a drain clog. The concept of using compressed air for this task isn’t new, but Milwaukee’s is the first “air gun” on the market that’s powered with batteries. The 12V Airsnake runs on one M12 compact battery and has an onboard compressor that blasts a burst of air up to 50 psi into the drain line once you pull the trigger. The company says that the air gun can reach clogs up to 35 feet away and works on drain lines ranging in diameter from 1 to 4 inches. It reportedly maintains pressure when blowing by a vent stack, as well.

At a media event, Milwaukee demonstrated the Airsnake on a clogged sink without removing the P-trap, which was mildly impressive (although you might want to evaluate the condition of other P-traps). This simple demo underscored the fact that there’s no snake to get hung up in plumbing bends. The air gun can be equipped with plug-type attachments for use directly on the drain pipe, a sink attachment (so you don’t have to remove the trap), and a toilet attachment. A 10-inch extension arm increases the working range of the gun up to 20 inches (the unit itself is 20 inches long), and a 15-degree offset adapter helps for tough-to-reach pipe access. Pressure can be dialed in, so you can fine-tune the power for more delicate pipe systems. The M12 Airsnake is available in two kits. The 2572A-21 kit ($330) includes three drain-plug attachments (1 inch, 2 to 3 inches, and 3 to 4 inches), drain shroud for use in sinks, 15-degree offset connector, one 2.0-Ah battery, charger, and carrying case; the 2572B-21 kit ($400) includes all that and adds a 10-inch extension arm and toilet-seal attachment. milwaukeetool.com