JANUARY JLC 1997 Products by David Frane Extra-Wide Corner Bead Double layers of drywall are often the perfect solution for fire and noise protection — but they create a problem at corners, because standard corner bead is too narrow to cover both sheets. To the rescue comes the extra-wide Jumbo Corner Bead. The 13/4-inch legs are wide enough to cover two layers of 5/8-inch drywall and still leave 1/2 inch for fastening. The rigid vinyl corner trim comes in straight or arched profiles. Contact: Trim-Tex, Inc., 3700 W. Pratt Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60645; 800/874-2333. Fluorescent Downlight Since 1995, when federal energy regulations outlawed some types of lamps commonly used in downlights, builders have been searching for suitable replacements. A new Capri Fluorescent Downlight (cataloged as