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Aligning Cabinets With Plumbing Rough-ins

Contributing editor Dave Holbrook shows how to precisely install a vanity cabinet... More

Snappy Cladding with Thermory

Kim Katwijk chats with Mark Challinor of Thermory, about their new exterior wood cladding that is as easy to install as its press-and-click namesake. More

Fastening Deck Boards Fast With EDGEfast

EDGEfast, the newest edition to the HIDfast product family, offers interchangeable spacer plates for the fastest deck board installations, and promises quick installation. How fast? How about 10 minutes to install 100 square feet of decking? More

Installing a Pair of Doors
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Installing Asphalt Shingles

Follow the individual shingle manufacturers instructions for staggering the... More

QuickDraw Remote Access System

This add-on device from Weather Guard allows you to unlock a truck box with a... More

Irwin Tapcon Installation Drill-Drive Set

This kit is rated for use in impact drivers but works even better in hammer drills. More

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Pin Foundations Diamond Pier Foundation System

The Diamond Pier system consists of a precast concrete head, which you install at... More

Mountain Laurel Railings

Custom-made mountain laurel railings add an artistic twist to a deck design More

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NativeStone Sinks Offer Beauty with Heft

Formed from modified concrete, Native Trail’s new line of kitchen and bath sinks... More

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