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Like Perennial Wood’s decking, its tongue-and-groove porch flooring is southern pine treated with a process called acetylation, which alters the cellular structure of wood with heat, pressure, and acetic anhydride. The treatment leaves no toxic materials in the wood, and boards can be painted or stained. The company says the wood is three times more stable dimensionally than unmodified wood and is less likely to shrink, swell, cup, and warp. It’s guaranteed against rot, decay, and movement for 25 years.

Perennial Wood decking is available in the Northeast, but the porch flooring is the first Perennial product that will be distributed in the southeastern U.S. It will be sold in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia in lumber­yards serviced by Snavely Forest Products.

Flooring will come in 8- and 10-foot lengths in three profiles: 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch thick with a 3 1/8-inch face; and 29/32 inch thick with a 51/8-inch face.

The company didn’t list pricing but said the flooring would be priced at or below the retail price for premium porch flooring made from plastics and wood-plastic composites.

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