At IBS 2015, Flir Instruments introduced the FLIR C2 - it's smallest, albeit not its least expensive, infrared camera. Designed to fit in a shirt pocket, the C2 offers some nice features that make it a good fit for the general contractor sleuthing energy and moisture issues in a house.

A big feature is what the company calls "MSX imaging," which essentially marries a digital photograph with an infrared image. This provides sharper resolution to help locate and pinpoint specific locations on the enhanced thermal image.

The C2 can funtion as a regular digital camera as well as a thermal camera. When you click the save buttom, the camera saves three images at once - thermal, visible and MSX.

The C2 sells for about $700. There are cheaper FLIR models, including the recently launched TG165, which sells for only $500. The TG165 is essentially a spot thermometer with IR imaging, specifically designed for electricians and HVAC techs to identify things like overloaded connections is a circuit panel or verify heat flow in a duct, pipe or refrigeration unit.

For more information, visit FLIR Instruments