The homes pictured here, all found on Boston's North Shore, represent rich architectural styles from several historical periods. They range from the 17th-Century Saltbox, through the High Style and Vernacular designs of the 18th and 19th centuries, to the more recent Bungalow. All can be found in and about New England, and throughout the U.S. in older cities and towns. These sketches, by Jonathan Poore, were commissioned as part of a promotional poster by Pope and Associates, a home inspection and consulting company in Gloucester, Mass. Historic Homes Backfill by John D. Wagner GOTHIC REVIVAL (Vernacular) 1840-1880 •Steeply pitched roof •Steeply pitched gable dormers •Arch-top windows MANSARD (High Style) 1870-1890 • Mansard roof with dormers • Bay windows • Roof cresting • Elaborate decorative