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Using Feedback to Boost Your Bottom Line

Veteran remodeler Brian Altmann explains why you want to hear from your clients... More

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Becoming the Company Your Clients Want

How client feedback can lead to better customer service, which will boost your... More

Streamlining Your Deck Business

A successful builder explains how the use of repeatable processes and standard... More

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Housing Market Update: Not All Markets Look the Same

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan highlight regional housing market trends as... More

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Amid Market Uncertainty, Builders Are Shifting Strategies

How softening demand, greater consumer fear, and rising cancellation rates have... More

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Housing Market Slows as Fed Takes Aggressive Approach to Combat Inflation

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan break down the numbers - inflation, consumer... More

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What to Do at the End of the First Quarter? Plan for the Next One.

Now is the time to evaluate what's working for your business, and what's not. More

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Taking Design From Loss Leader to Profit Center

How making your design team a more valuable part of your design/build company can... More

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Will Housing Demand Outweigh Economic Uncertainty?

Buyers are out in force and builders are ready to sell them houses, but... More

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7 Rules for Choosing a Client

Saying "No" to a job is hard, but Jake Bruton thinks it's sometimes the smartest... More

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